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Bethany in Arles

What is it to honor? The Lamb lives in Bethany, where the Holy Family resided, it is also a hamlet next to Myriam. It is “The Place” she tells us (where it all started?), an imagined place, where Juliette, whom elsewhere we believe we saw as a child on a Polaroid, poses with Wladimir, a big white dog, on a work printed after a super 8 cinema film.

Stop film movement; like suspended ashes before they slowly fall to the ground, fragments of a story that is never fully elucidated.

BETHANY by Myriam Assie

Openning on Friday April 15th @ 6PM - be welcome

exhibition April 14 to 18 - 1PM to 7 PM - or on appointment

April 19 to 23 on appointment only

aux Arènes chez Richard, 27 rue du grand couvent - Arles - +33 633059920

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