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Future Perfect

Future Perfect

...explorers were probably sent light-years away by distorting space-time...

...the work of the Einstein-Chandrayaan group is irretrievably lost; even today, we still cannot distort space-time...

...Johannes Himmel was condemned by the Inquisition in 1322 "I swear, I have come back from the stars!" he said in Latin, this seems typical of a return to earth at a wrong time...

...the only certainty, if it is not possible to travel faster than light, then humanity is doomed to stand still within the solar system…



He believes his name is Glenn, John Glenn, and from his orbit up there he was the first American to cross space-time and plant potatoes on Mars. The obscure historian Amadeus von Braun confirms the possibility of going faster than light, a young Russian woman admits to having also traveled in space-time, and an old fool tries to reconstruct his space-time adventure with Lego.

A handful of people and their similar experiences makes the future perfect acceptable. This collection of false information and the notoriety of witnesses become an evidence, ready to diffuse.

In these fierce times when millions of men and women are willing to believe that the earth is flat while others are feverishly awaiting the coming salvation of extra-terrestrials, space-time is within reach, clearly.

Jean-Michel Collet - translation Andrew Squires