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Perspectives | Le Lac Gele invites La Chambre

Established in the heart of Strasbourg since 2010, the Gallery La Chambre (which in French can mean either a large format camera or a bedroom) has three missions:

- to exhibit contemporary photography
- to organise visits to help people understand the images
- to organise workshops, evening courses…
This exhibition is the 'Work In Progress' of five participants of a masterclass called Perspectives.

Le lac gele (the Frozen Lake) regularly organizes events. The artists are present at the openings and very often they give a performance or a conference in addition to the guided tour of their exhibition.

Le lac gele is pleased to invite La Chambre, the prestigious Strasbourg gallery for an exceptional exhibition in Arles during the Festival.

Monday July 3rd to Saturday 8th 2023

Opening on Tuesday 4th @ 6 PM

Monday 3rd 2 to 8 PM
Tuesday 4th to Saturday 8th 10 AM to 8 PM

galerie le lac gele | galerie La Chambre hors les murs

27 rue du grand couvent in Arles | | 06 33 05 99 20

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