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日々是好日| Every day is a good day

“It is the first Monday of the month, I’m going to visit it, who has, in a way, become a friend. It is five in the morning when I wake up. I had prepared my bag the day before, but I still check that I have all my equipment. I drink a glass of water, it is 5:20, I leave my house. I take the metro first, then a train, a second, a third, then a bus ...

I still have to walk a good half an hour before arriving at my destination. From the parking lot, I climb the steps of the mountain. It is nine o’clock, I finally see the platform from where I take my photography.
I set up my tripod, put my 4x5 camera there, I dive under the focus cloth and prepare myself to shoot. 

Here I am, again, ready to draw the portrait of Mount Fuji."

Opening on Friday April 14 from 6:00 pm

Ymy Nigris will present his work and give a graphic performance

the exhibition remains visible until May 31st on appointment

Galerie le lac gele (Frozen Lake Gallery)

27 rue du grand couvent in Arles | +33 6 33 05 99 20 |

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