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Artist's Statement

The way I represent the landscape reflects a double terror: an anxious look at an altered nature, sick of human activities; but also paradoxically, that of a hostile virgin nature, where human survival depends on artifacts such as tools or weapons.

I explore, fascinated, the proximity of the banal and the sublime. Kant says that the sublime is "a pleasure mixed with dread". This almost mystical feeling rarely leaves me, I think that the contemplation of an art work, or taking photographs as well, are activities close to the meditation.

Above all, I like traveling, by plane, by car ... the height and the distance fascinate me. I try to transcribe the desire and the terror of an impossible journey to the ends of the world. Moreover, what would I find there that I do not already know?

I represent the landscape in large format, in a frontal way quoting the Düsseldorf school as well as romantic painting.